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Volunteers Needed

Moosehorn Heritage Museum is looking for volunteers to help with the numerous projects scheduled for this year (2023).

The packing of artifacts in preparation for the removing of the carpet in the Masonic Hall and Museum Office has been completed.  Thank you to Catherine Gall, Dianne Bittner and Glen Bittner for getting it done.

Next step will be the removal of the carpet in the Masonic Hall and the Museum Office.  Followed by the installation of the new flooring.

If you are interested in volunteering and helping with this work please contact Dianne at (204) 294-9642.

The Moosehorn Heritage Museum has received 2023

Canada Summer Job Funding

The funding provides monies for 2 student positions.

Each position is for 8 weeks, 35 hours/week, Tuesday to Saturday.

For more information on the job opportunities check out

Job Postings

Association of Manitoba Museums Musetoba

Musetoba is a collections management software tailored to museums across Manitoba, it is user-friendly and affordable. The Moosehorn Heritage Museum has purchased the database and will begin entering our artifacts this summer.

Click here more information on Musetoba

VLT Grant

The Moosehorn Heritage Museum applied for and received $1,500 from the VLT Grants. The monies will be used to build two display cabinets, one for the taxidermy artifacts and a second to showcase the area's one-room school houses.

Moosehorn Heritage Museum Receives $10,000 from the Community Museum Program Support Grant 2022-2023

The funding will upgrade and make lighting improvements to the CNR Station and add heaters to the Masonic Hall Public Washroom and Café Area.

Community Museum Project Support Grant Recipients

Moosehorn Heritage Museum Receives $25,000

from the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund

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